Why does it seem that every time Tim Hudak opens his mouth, I feel the PC’s chances of kicking Dilton McNutty out of office lowers. Hudak stated he could not get involved with the nomination battle in Carleton-Mississippi Mills which saw veteran MPP Norm Sterling lose his candidacy for the October 6th election. Meanwhile in Ottawa West-Nepean, Hudak circumvents the nomination process to parachute former Ottawa Citizen columnist Randell Denley as the candidate. You cannot have it both ways Hudak. You can’t throw your hands up in one riding and pass out the parachutes in another, not if you want to show yourself to be a credible alternative to McSpendy.

It’s been said here, and in many, MANY other places that provincial conservatives appear to be their own worse enemies. Don’t get me wrong.  I want to see McSpendy booted from Queens Park, but time after time Hudak missteps. E-Health, HST, Eco-Tax and now this. If you are trying to replace the well-crafted, polished, political machine of the Ontario Liberals, you’d better get your act together and fast.

Winnipeg Jets? The Globe and Mail says it’s a done deal. The Winnipeg Free Press says not so fast. All I hope for is that they are called the Jets… and that Quebec City, Hamilton, Halifax and Victoria all get teams from the states too.

BOO Fox TV for cancelling Human Target!

Long day today, keeping it short but will post a longer blog on Day 20.