A really good piece in the Globe and Mail today about Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Hopefully this works out for her as the accidental MP.

Nooo. Not Ladder 8! – The home of the Ghostbusters may be going the way of the Do-Do. Stupid budget cuts and that whole fiscal responsibility.

I unplugged mostly for the day. About the most I can do right now. Except for using the Blackberry as a stopwatch for the soccer games, no berry, no computer until after supper. Rather nice to do that.

Worked in the basement today, built a shelving unit for over the washer and dryer. One hour, a sheet of plywood and presto, there’s an 8 foot long shelf unit elevated on the wall.

Non-Creative Title for today. Think for the remaining 10 days I will not put a title in blog postings. I think the three viewers of this blog will get over it.