Happy Victoria Day. Today is the unofficial start of the Summer. Short and sweet today. Was in the USA picking up a few things with the family. Everything was great until the 2 hour wait at the border coming home thanks to bridge construction and the massive throng of Canadians that thought the same way as us.

The F35 is now coming under scrutiny of the US Congress. I don`t understand why we (Canada) and the Americans don`t go with the F16 fighter. It`s almost as good, has two engines, not one, and is much cheaper to build.

Yay! Chrysler is repaying the 7.5 Billion it borrowed from the US and Canadian governments. The question for the Canadian Government is, what will they do with the money they get back? Pay back the money THEY had to borrow to lend to Chrysler?

PM Harper is still getting flax for his appointing of three losers to the Senate. It’s political double-speak. They didn’t need to be appointed to the Senate for reform to happen as Harper already HAD a majority in the Senate. Look for the first Senatorial election to occur in 2040.

Long work week ahead, short school week with a PA Day on Friday. Who comes up with these schedules? Enough PA Days. Teachers can go learn and be “Professionally Activitied” during the summer break.