See.. some people wont just take your money (tax money) and run. The punk band “Living with Lions” has given back the $13k that they were given from the music fund “FACTOR” which is funded by the Canadian Taxpayer. Living with Lions, if one recalls, was producing an album called “Holy Shit – The Poo Testament”. They’ve even decided to delete the album. Well Holy Sh!t! Tax money returned and no crap music being produced… Amen to that!

Netanyahu: “You Can’t Have Ayatollahs Toying With Atom Bombs” – Line of the week!

The Blackberry App monitor on my Blackberry says there is a pending update for the Canada Post app on my phone. I wonder if it will will block me from getting my email and then hit me in the pocketbook yelling “Strike Strike Strike”.

This is just too cool. Too bad the guy who made the video can’t spell.

British PM David Cameron and US President Barack Obama are comparing themselves to Thatcher and Reagan. Not even close.