There are days I think the street I live on is right out of a Toby Keith Video. The old saying is you can’t pick your neighbours… unless you own all the land around you.


H/T John Bolton – Talk about screwing up there Obama. Doesn’t he have a teleprompter or handlers to coach him on protocol?


Tim Hudak, he’s just a Bruins Fan. Frankly I don’t buy the excuse of growing up in Fort Erie cheering for the Bruins. The Sabres I can understand, but the Bruins?


Tim Hudak take a hint. Put this in your campaign platform and do it before Dalton gets the idea. Bring the HST down to 10%.

BC Premier announces HST cut by 2%


This is a great idea to win votes. Completely ass-backwards though. If Clark wanted to be truly progressive, she’d hike the HST to 20% and eliminate all income taxes. Wont happen so at least instead of the budget being balanced out there in BC on the backs of taxpayers, it will be balances on big business. Good job.

Still, back to Tim Hudak, the idea is, offer a significant tax deal to something people HATE (hint hint, I’m talking about the HST) and you will get votes. He probably cannot afford to do so though because of the increased spending pledged on healthcare and so on.

With Andrea Horvath and the Ontario NDP surging upwards currently, look for four more years of Dalton McSpendy.

Talk about a load of crap! Reported on, Toronto is planning on sending some of their unwanted Geese our way. Dear Rob Ford, shoot them, cook them and serve them at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Solves three problems. 1) Eliminates excess geese. 2) Feeds the less-fortunate. 3) Gives city employees something to do for their unionized salaries.