Tim Hudak keeps rolling out the planks. Today it’s prison inmates working in Chain Gangs. Good idea. I’ve seen this first hand in the US. Back before New York State shut down Camp Gabriels in the Adirondacks, inmates would do everything from brush clearing to building the big ice castles in Lake Placid and Saranac Lake for their winter festivals. Inmates actually looked forward to doing those things to be productive. Good plan Tim Hudak! In fact, as reported in TheCornwallDaily.com, even Liberals like this plan.

This rain can stop at anytime. Friends in Vermont and Quebec have emailed me telling me about the flooding in the Champlain Valley and along the Richelieu River. One joked that if he starts seeing animals walking in pairs, he’ll start the car and head for higher ground.

Bob Rae, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Amazing. Not the Liberal Party Rae wanted to lead likely. Was watching the National on CBC and Rex Murphy’s commentary was on this. In it he says that Rae could have been the Liberal to beat Harper if he had beaten Dion in ’06 and Ignatieff in ’09. I disagree. Rae would have assured a Harper Majority far quicker. Ontario voters have long memories and Bob Rae is still the NDP Hack to spiraled Ontario into the ground from 1990 to 1995. I do agree with Murphy that he is the best person to lead the Liberals now as he is a skillful politician, and they do need that during that rebuilding process. Liberals should not kid themselves though, it is going to take MANY years to rebuild and recover. It took the Conservatives 13 years to get their act together and attain government status.

Downloaded the new single, “Grey Riders” by Neil Young International Harvesters from iTunes today. It was good, but a little Twangy. Didn`t know that International Harvesters was his country band that he toured with in 1984-85. Looking forward to the rest of the album when it comes out. I give the song 3.5/5.

Keeping with music, I’ve been getting back into some of the 90’s rock and alternative that I listened to and rebuilding my music collection after selling a lot of the cd’s off to pay bills (college you know). One group that I’ve rediscovered is Big Sugar. Love this group. Bluesy Rock with some Reggae influences and a real heavy guitar. Love the Gibson Double Neck guitar that Gordie Johnson plays.