Hey Look… It’s the Fonz!

“Aaaaeeeyyy!” sounds better than “You betcha!” anyday.

Sarah Palin is being talked about again as a possible front runner for the Republican nomination in 2012. I hope she does try to run for the nomination. With a majority government in Ottawa, I’ll have to look south for some good political theater.

Rush Limbaugh seems to like her chances.

Three A’s of Awesome

h/t Joey Gault

Boston beat Tampa tonight… The dark horse of the playoffs is vanquished. Cheering for Boston now. I refuse to cheer for a team based on sheer patriotism.

Ever think we’re missing the boat in so many ways? Manitoba just signed a deal to export Hydro Electric power to Minnesota and Wisconsin; Quebec is expanding their plans for Hydro Electric power generation with the goal of more exporting. Newfoundland and Labrador is going to develop the Lower Churchill and export to whoever wants to buy the power via a large extension cord from Labrador to Nova Scotia avoiding Quebec… And in the middle of it all is… Ontario. Where we give 7 billion dollar contracts to foreign national companies to build solar panels for a province that is snow covered for 3-5 months or more per year.

If you are having a WTF moment… join the club. Ontario has VAST water resources that can generate Hydro Electricity. Not only by conventional dams like a Niagara Falls and Cornwall, but also by using technology like turbines on the river bed to make use of the water currents without having to build dams. Verdent Power in Ontario was getting funding from the province to develop this, why not continue with this? Meanwhile, why not buy from other provinces like Manitoba and Quebec? The reason is simple… Solar panels are sexy. Just like Global Warming is sexy. It’s trendy and that is what sells.

We’re all just fools for buying it.