Coached two teams to a loss today. 3-1 and 6-1. Ouch.

Everyone political is getting ready for the big Ontario PC Party platform release Sunday. Will Tim Hudak adopt an HST policy like Christie Clark, Liberal Premier of BC? Not likely. Hudak wont admit it, but the province cannot afford to lower the HST rate at all, because McGuinty and company have run it into the ground!

Bob Rae is Liberal Leader… Still cannot get over that.

Short one today as I spent most of the day in Ogdensburg, NY and am rather tired. Some quick observations:

  1. US Grocery Store prices are a little bit cheaper than Canadian… But their incentive cards give you gas discounts, which makes gas cheaper so the overall family budget is better.
  2. I know the US Postal Service is going broke, but their service beats the pants off of Canada Post.
  3. Dunkin Donuts coffee is much, much better than that burnt swill that Tim Hortons pawns off as coffee.
  4. Canadian Retailers are missing the boat charging 20-30% more than US Retailers for the same products that come from China. Despite the Canadian Dollar being at par. The line up at customs coming back with people bringing everything from Lumber to pre-built sheds, appliances to electronics. That’s a lot of money leaving the country. Time for some retailers on this side of the border to get a clue or be out of business.