Tim Hudak has released the Ontario PC Party platform today called “Changebook”. Click here to download. Its only mildly interesting and about as inspiring as a paper airplane.

The Highlights:

  • Removal of the Debt Retirement Charge for Hydro Bills.
  • Removal of Provincial portion of HST on Hydro and Home Heating bills.
  • Removal of Eco-Fee on products we buy like Computers and TV’s.
  • Axing Time-Of-Use Billing on “Smart Meters”
  • Killing the Samsung $7 Billion Dollar Green Energy Deal.
  • Cut the 14 LHINs (Local Health Integration Network)
  • Cut welfare to new residents of Ontario for the first year.
  • Cut the $30 Million Dollar Chinese scholarship program
  • Income splitting for families on the first 50,000 of income.
  • 5% Reduction on Income Tax on first 75,000 of income.
  • Dropping the Business tax rate to 10%.
  • Balance the Budged by 2018.

My thoughts… Cut Cut Cut, which is good. The tax changes look good. However taking seven years to balance the budget??? HUH? I guess I must just be some dumb taxpayer because if I am running at a deficit in my budget, I don’t get seven years of borrowing to make it work. I have to cut, and cut now to make the numbers work. Cutting is tough but it needs to be done. You cannot do it gradually. Pull the bandage off Tim Hudak and fix the wound.

My other big thought about this plan is… Where is the vision? Where is the awe inspiring plan? Politics now has no vision. It’s always dealing with the “right now” and not planning for 5-10-15 years in the future. That is the one thing I did like about Obama in the ’08 campaign was he did talk about vision. His problem was he had no substance to back it up. But back to Hudak. Hudak even says on his platform regarding transportation (pg 11):

Fifty year grand visions with no funding and no commitment don’t move goods or people any faster. We’ll develop realistic and pragmatic plans that will make a real difference for today’s families.

To quote Austin Powers: “What does it all mean Basil?” It means that politicians of all political stripes are only thinking two inches in front of their face and not of the bigger picture. I had hoped that Hudak’s Plan would include some big initiative that could inspire people to vote for him because of that vision. Instead we get reasons only in our pocket, bribing us with our money.

Last question on this is, after months of goading by the McGuinty Liberals as to where Hudak’s plan is… Now show us yours.

Speaking of showing us theirs.. this is one case where they should have watched where their phone was…

Here’s the rundown. Ont PC candidate George Epp (former CFL Player) had a smart phone in his pocket. Epp came down with a case of “Back Pocket Syndrome” in his front pocket causing a photo of the guys twig and giggleberries being snapped by the Blackberry. Then he was jostled by a crowd of protesters at this week’s Ont PC Convention, the phone was stolen (but not reported stolen) and this picture was Tweeted to the world.

I call BS on this. So do many others… My favourite was BigCityLibs take. Come on. Really… What a lame excuse.

Ted Bird. If you’ve lived in Montreal or have been within Montreal’s listening area for the last 30 years at all, you’ll know who he is. Currently morning guy on the tragically weak-signalled K-103.7 in Kahnawake, Bird along with former partner Terry Dimonte owned CHOM and the English Montreal radio market until Terry took the big money and headed off to Calgary (450k/yr – Ya.. I’d take it too). Bird wrote this wonderful piece on big-market radio that was in the Blogs section of the Montreal Gazette this weekend. I agree with him on how corporate brand managers are sucking the life out of Big-City radio.. to a point. Where the life has remained or even flourished is in small or medium market radio where they continue to innovate on a weekly and daily basis.

Congrats to the country of Malta for entering the 19th century! Looking forward to your future implementation of the horseless-carriage.

Lastly, leave it to Conrad Black to paint such a rosy picture of the health of the American and European financial systems. Things we learn from his writings… The Americans are fucked. The Europeans are not far behind. The Germans will win again and Britian and Canada are better than their colonial and continental peers. That and Mr. Black learns us words that haven’t been used in the English Language in the last two decades. All is good overall. His analysis is spot on with the issues in all of the above mentioned countries, and we get to see words too long to tweet.