I listen to a lot of radio… Call it an occupational hazard. And it’s not satalite, it’s terrestrial good old AM and FM radio. There’s alot of stupid/annoying commercials out there. My least favourite is for Canadian Blood Services. “Blood, it’s in you to give.” No it’s not… It’s in me to keep me alive. They really need to change that slogan. I am all for blood drives and blood donation, but please change that slogan.

Is Dalton McGuinty really this clueless? McGuinty Tweeted today the following:

Abolish the Senate? Only someone who is hell bent on not having checks and balances to elected Parliament would suggest that. Disclosure here, I am not following McGuinty on twitter. In fact I am not ALLOWED as the Premier does not like people tweeting back messages questioning him and therefore blocked me from following him. I still think he’s full of shit on this. So just for fun, I’ve blocked him from being able to to follow me. Take that!

Also the claim that it’s Ontario’s position is just plain wrong. As the Premier of Ontario, McGuinty is the leader of the government of Ontario. However changing the constitution is something that affects ALL citizens and as such, requires ALL citizens to have a voice. Reforming the Senate as Prime Minister Harper is planning is within the rights of Parliament. Abolishing it requires a change to the Constitution and I do NOT trust McGuinty to negotiate that. May I suggest that you worry about the Economy, Jobs and Taxes in this province and not worry about the Senate.

Ack! Bee Swarm. Hard-hitting news from Sun News.

Winnipeg Threshers

Winnipeg Jets

I am surprised at the Winnipeg NHL Presser that Gary Bettman wasn’t asked when would Toronto finally get an NHL Team.

Will they meet the 13,000 season ticket threshold? Yes. Will they name the team “The Jets”? Who knows. Thrashers in Georgia is the state bird. A Thresher in Manitoba… Well look at the comparisons to the right. Which do YOU think would be a better name for an NHL Team.

Rock beats scissors and Jets beat Threshers.

Sir John A… eh!

About time we started celebrating our history more. I look forward to RB Bennett Day and Laurier Day too.