Yes! I did it. 31 Days straight of blogging. I didn’t know if I could do it with the myriad of things going on from work, home, and everything in between. But just as they say for working out, quit making excuses and just start doing it.

Yes blogging is different than working out. Hard to jog and code at the same time but I can switch between Blog and code easily.

Baby Steps.

So armed with this success I am going to continue blogging daily until something stops me.

Topless Robot, a sci-fi blog, has come up with a top-10 list of the best episodes of the under-rated series, Star Trek – Deep Space Nine. This was my favourite Trek show, which makes me weird and an outcast.

The site picked “The Visitor” as the number one episode, but I think that “Far Beyond The Stars” was the best.

Hmmm… could it be… that NJ Governor Chris Christie may be making a run for the White House after all?

One more day until the Canada Post Strike… $26 an hour… REALLY! Hope the strike is quick. The longer they are on strike, the more people will realize that this bloated, unionized suck-hole on the taxpayer teet is not relevant.