Twitter is great. Sorry.. let me correct that… #twitter is gr8 #FTW!

MySpace was the big fad for a bit, now it’s Facebook. In fact they’ve done a movie about Facebook. It’s everywhere. But I think that Twitter will be the big-one as a business. Here’s why, Facebook has too-many layers. With Facebook, you join, then you find your friends, then you share your info with your friends and make more friends. You have to approve the friends, and then you can control what you want certain friends to see or not see. Johnny is less of a friend than Susie because I limit Johnny from seeing my photos. When Johnny, who is killing time at work on a Friday afternoon, goes to see my profile on Facebook and clicks on photos, he’ll see that I have limited him. He knows this because he heard me say to Susie at the coffee-pot at work that I had just posted photos of XYZ on my Facebook. Johnny then thinks I don’t like him, and his tone around me changes. Work is affected, social relationships are affected.

With Twitter… what you get is what you post. If I post a TwitVid of something my kid did, everyone sees it. If I see a stupid person on the street and make a comment, its out there and there’s no restrictions. Twitter also levels the playing field. There isn’t journalists, movie stars and regular people, there’s just tweeps. I am more engaged tweeting comments or questions to @tonyclementCPC than I would be writing an email or letter (if there was no Canada Post Strike). More engaged as @tonyclementCPC has actually replied to three of my five tweets, and a direct message as well.

Twitter helps breakdown barriers between the masses. That should be the ultimate goal of communication.

One of the other great things about Twitter is it helps you find out what you should be writing about and what not. My Snarky Political comments get little traction on Twitter. Such as this one about Tim Hudak’s pledge to balance the Ontario budget in seven-years:

“If I have a problem with my budget, I don’t get to borrow for 7 years to fix it. Politics ≠ Reality”

Yup… Lead Balloon there. But this comment from Wednesday when the wind was really blowing in the area causing damage to trees and roofs (like my own), I posted this comment while BBQing:

“Wow. That was a close one. The wind was so strong it almost blew the beer out of my hand while BBQing. #closecall”

14 Retweets of that comment meant that over 5,000 “Tweeps” outside of my following circle of 200 saw what I said. I gained 31 followers, and had other comments from fellow tweeps LOLing or otherwise about what I said.

So in closing, Facebook ok, Twitter Better. Political chatter on Twitter #fail, posts on not spilling beer #FTW*.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, just look for my name @phillipblancher

*FTW is Net-Speak for “For The Win” – Originated from the game show Hollywood Squares where the result of the player’s response is expected to win the game. Circle gets the Square.