Canada Post is on rotating strikes. First hitting Winnipeg (who cares, they got the Jets back), then Hamilton is next. The union has sent a list of ideas as to how Canada Post can expand into new things and thus justify keeping their high paying salaries. This would include:

  1. Returning library books
  2. Checking in on the elderly
  3. Making pharmacy deliveries
  4. Competing against private banks for financial services

Great ideas… really. Well Done. Bravo. All of this to justify $24/hr starting wages. I have an idea. Take a CUT. We’re all getting out of the recession and everyone in the private sector had to figure how to do more, with less. I know “More with Less” is an archaic term that comes from the knuckle-dragging right and is morally offensive to those on the left… Sorry to have brought it up.

Now here’s some counterpoints:

  1. Few borrow books from Public Libraries. Libraries are now a primary hub for people to go and use free-internet to chat on Facebook. There was a line-up yesterday for the 20 computers in the town library. In the middle of the day. Chatting on Facebook. I think they were checking to see if their welfare cheque was going to arrive by mail or not.
  2. Checking in on the elderly. Well the children of the elderly should be checking in on their parents because that’s called personal responsibility.
  3. Making pharmacy deliveries. Well my pharmacy already does that for those who need it, and it’s no charge to the consumer.  It’s a service that is part of what a small town pharmacy does. So Canada Post could compete, charge pharmacies for the service, but that unionized $24/hr person would drive the cost up compared to the $10/hr student working after school.
  4. Lastly, bank services. Canada Post can’t deliver the mail properly, on time, or cost-effectively, so now CUPW wants the post office to handle your money too? Unreal.

I think it was my Grandfather who once told me to pick something to do, and don’t move on from it until you are really good at it. When Canada Post fails to deliver my property tax bill two years in a row because they can’t see the very clearly spelt out address, complete with PO Box in bold letters, what makes them think I am going to trust them with my money?

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, get elected to fringe, eco-whack-job political parties. Enter Elizabeth May’s posting on Twitter during the throne speech today:

@Elizabeth May

Will perimeter agreement un-do the protection of an independent Canada that won the War of 1812? Large irony in the juxtaposition in the #SFT.

I often wonder what planet the green people are on. On their planet, Canada was independent after the War of 1812. This is going to be an interesting four years.


The throne speech was today, about the only exciting thing was the misguided protest by one of the Parliamentary Pages with a sign on the floor of the Senate saying “Stop Harper”. This same Page released a statement calling for a Canadian version of the Arab Spring. Really? In case this “engaged” yout didn’t notice, there was an election a month ago. The population voted, and wither you like it or not, the Conservatives won a majority of the seats in the House of Commons. That’s how our democracy works.And BTW Ms. DePape… 3/5th of voters did not support the Conservatives… not 3/4s. Math must not be your major in University.

Apparently the throne speech was uninspiring… Typically that is what they are. In fact that is what all politics is as of the last 10 years. Gone are the bold statements, long ranging plans and inspiration. Governments today govern as if they are in a 24/7/365 Election mode. Status Quo, business as usual.

Dear people of the interwebs. I didn’t want to Facebook this as I might be embarrassed so I thought I’d post it on a blog where even more people could see it. I need a new house. I have a house now but I am hopeful that if I put this blog post out there that maybe Donald Trump would give me a new house. But unlike this guy, I wont put Trump’s face on the side of the house.