The young and the stupid:

Bridgett DePape has to be one of the stupidest well-educated yout in the country. I get the part where you think you need to protest, so quit your job and march on the street. But don’t disrupt the Throne Speech. Like it or not, people in this country just had an election and 40% of those who voted, voted for Harper. 60% did not vote chose him. But that was spread across four other parties, Harper got 166 seats and he’s PM. If you participated in the voting and did not get the PM you wanted, you work harder for the next time. You don’t abuse your own position to launch a juvenile protest disrespecting the will of the people. 60% of the people voted and 40% chose Harper. Get over it and work for the future.

That is my second last word on her… my last will be tomorrow on the air. I hope for all of us, that the name Bridgett DePape only arises again from a police report, or seeing her name on the ballot in the next election.

Oh and even Michael Moore likes her… maybe he’ll give her a job.

Winnipeg has been hit with the postal strike, now Hamilton too. Keep it coming Canada Post… Keep it coming. Talking to a friend of mine earlier today, he signed up for a deal for his small business selling stuff on eBay, with FedEX. He wont be going back to Canada Post. I was in Ogdensburg NY yesterday and there were lots of Canadians there who were getting their mail from the states… 20 years ago, Canada Post employees could basically write their own meal ticket. Now with Courier, Internet and Foreign Competition… Good luck on that now.