The budget came down and it was pretty much as it was in March. Nice joke by Flaherty, “So as I was saying.”

Mondays are always busy. On the plus side we might have a new vehicle in the driveway. On the downside, our current vehicle is dying and it’s too expensive to repair. My wife has an emotional attachment to our van which is going… I don’t quite get it. It’s a van, it takes us from point A to point B. I mean it’s not like its an ’84 Camero tricked out with a large-block 350.

Did the People of the Week. The dad from London who wants people to give him a house was #3, Brigette DePape was number two for her stunt in the senate and Deepak Chopra and Denis Lamiline, president of Canada Post and head of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers were number one.

More rotating strikes are coming. Vancouver and Halifax are next. You know, a good communications strategy for Canada Post might be to not publicly state that “hey, those rotating walkouts aren’t affecting us”. That’s the whole point of a strike. So telling the Union that their tactics aren’t working means they’ll up the ante.

More cutbacks in the public service is coming thanks to the budget. Just what we need to hear in the news, more people complaining they lost their 30/hr job and have to work in a call center.

That’s all for today, rather quick and mailin’ it in so to speak.