Short one again as I am on a deadline to finish a book proposal. Last minute Phil.

So the Conservative Party website was hacked. I thought they had ultra-high security on their site, requiring you to do a background check before they let you on the web page. Maybe they run a Windows Server. Blue screen being fitting and all.

Locally our MP, Guy Lauzon decided to run off a bunch of letters to the editor on the Conservatives Budget and how its good for us. Lauzon has won awards Nationally for his excessive communication budget mailing 10-percenters and unending flyers and surveys. Now that the cycle of never ending campaigns is over, perhaps he’ll give it a rest and not contact us for a while.

Note to everyone… buy local beef from a butcher, no more of the grocery store crap. Not saying grocery store beef in Canada is as bad of quality as the crap from the chain stores in the USA, however I did an experiment over the last couple of days. I bought from our local ValuMart (part of the Loblaws Inc chain) two pounds of Lean Ground Beef to make burgers with. They were ok, but left my BBQ grilling surface covered in grease. I then went today to the local butcher and bought two pounds of ground beef. It was cheaper per pound than the grocery store, and it tasted like BEEF! As for my BBQ. Hardly any grease. The kids liked them too which is important. It took an extra 20 minutes out of my day to go to the butcher, but it was so worth it. And if you really want to be grossed out, watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Google it and “Pink Slime”. I wont eat another burger at McDonalds again!