Uh oh… people are mad because Prime Minister Harper went to a Boston Game… and he had to fly in a Challenger Jet… Oh No!

1. Harper is PM and as such cannot fly commercial, he is not allowed due to the RCMP Security Detail.
2. He is paying the commercial equivelent of a flight to Boston.
3. He paid for the tickets himself.

I don’t understand where the corruption is?

As Prime Minister, he earns an annual salary of $317,574. Figuring half goes to taxes, his take home pay is about $158,000. If he wants to blow a few grand to get to a Boston game, it’s his money.

Yeesh, I am all for slagging a PM when they did something wrong, but the only thing wrong here is his supporting the Vancouver Canucks. Go Boston.

For another take on this, Click here to read Freddy P (Fred Patterson, formerly of Humble and Fred years back).

I love “Will It Blend”… more so because of the following video segment: