Vancouver won… Boston will win the next two.

I spent the better part of six hours today in a car, most of which was in Montreal. First I hit the Dorval Circle on the 20, not long after three transports decided to tangle on the Eastbound lanes and crash with diesel fuel being split everywhere. Detour, back streets, and some on the phone coaching of the streets of Dorval thanks to my friend Jim.

Then after getting to my destination and leaving to return home, I thought “Hey.. I’ll take the 40” and I hit the Decarie Circle at the 15 and 40. An hour getting through that mess. And then to wrap it all up, I took the 540s to the 20 at Vaudreuil-Dorion where the new A30 interchange is being built. 1.5 hours to get 4km.

I have decided I am a magnet for traffic tie ups. Hey Jetsons, where’s my flying car?