Some days I wish I had a nice Farmer’s Market near buy, not just a store that sells pies branded “Farmer’s Market”.

Lots of bafflegarb and opinion in the Sunday funnies today. The good ones IMO are:

These ones are not so good:

You might ask why I put in the ones that are not so good… Filler? No…

Kinsella’s column is weak because I want to hear what he has to think from his Liberal, Dalton McGuinty Loving perch in Toronto. I don’t want to see him taking shots at a marginal party who has one member. So what if Elizabeth May trolls on his website. Thousands of others are too. Get over it.

Persichilli is on the crap list because he was the first one to go on about the Harper Majority a month and a bit after the election. We know, we get it. Blah blah blah, historical. Blah blah blah, turn to the right. Blah blah blah, Liberal butt spanked. We get it. With the election over and now the house is sitting, could the writer not focus on something that happened, oh I don’t know… in the last week? Instead of regurgitating the same media pap that has been foisted on the reader since May 2nd?

Dear Montreal F1 Organizers:

This is the flag of Belgium

This is the flag of Germany

Any questions?

What would happen at a German event in Germany, if Quebec’s flag was shown like this?

History Lesson: The Blue Ensign of Quebec was their provincial flag from 1868 until the middle of the 20th Century. Lovely Union Jack!

Anyone else think that Vancouver will find a way to lose Game 6 so that they can “win it at home”. If that actually happens with a Game 7, I am hoping for another 8-1 win by Boston that game. Light it up!

Switching to literary stuff… a good in-depth piece on Hemmingway’s suicide in ’61 is found this week in The Independent.