Ya, so um… Daily Blogging requires one to write daily and I haven’t since Thursday.

Long weekend but a good one. Two wins on the soccer pitch. Got a bunch of stuff done around the house like installing A/C units and sorting in the basement. Also it was Fathers Day. I always looked at Father’s Day as a commercial, bullshit holiday. Part of this was due to my aversion to societal norms and partly due to my rocky relationship with my own father. Once I became a dad, I warmed up to it. The day is a mixed one though. My kids don’t have emotional baggage (yet) of mistakes from their childhood so they take the day just to say, “yea dad”, and its just honest, simple love. No baggage or complications. Then add into today seeing your own dad, where there is none of that. More things unsaid than said between you. A mixed day, but a good one. And my kids got me a Waldorf and Stadler shirt (Better Old than Dead).

On to other things. Bad customer service people piss me off. In part because I worked in customer service and when I screwed up, I got fired. The person I dealt with today has worked there for a few years and likely will never get fired, despite my complaints. I’ll post more on this once I get a response Monday from the head of where I was dealing with.

RBC is selling its US operations. Joy, just what I wanted was my banking to be MORE complicated.

People of the Week is Monday, and there’s an app for that… OOoo foreshadowing.

More later…