Super long but productive day today. One of the interesting parts of my day is going into the “bullpen”. Walk in for a meeting and join up into a conversation on privacy, phones, facebook and how google makes it hard for someone to leave the past in the past. Specifically the asshats who decided to riot in Vancouver last week. If a criminal gets caught, tried and convicted, serves their sentence and is released, they have a record. That record can be searched when an employer requests a search from the police. Thanks to Google, social media and the court of public opinion someone doesn’t even need to be charged, they will be tried and convicted, and unlike criminal records which can be expunged, you cannot wipe a smear off the Internet. Not saying they should hide what happened, but we have a court system and laws as a civilized society so mob rule shouldn’t be around.

Speaking of mob rule, I watched a coup of an interview today on Sun News Network’s “The Source with Ezra Levant” with Ann Coulter. Coulter had to cancel an appearance at the University of Ottawa last year because of 2,000 students protesting stating that she was promoting hate speech.

See the whole interview here –

We live in a democratic society, have a charter of rights and freedoms and we extend those rights to anyone on our soil, regardless of citizenship. If the students didn’t want to hear Coulter, don’t go. Don’t stop someone from speaking because you don’t agree with what they say. Let them speak, and then be the bigger person by stating a good reason why you disagree with their view point. Novel concept, especially by the left.

I, for one, do like Ann Coulter, most of the time. Just like I like Ezra Levant, most of the time, or Michael Coren, some of the time. I don’t agree with them all the time, but they has as much of a right to speak as I do to disprove what they say.

Note to self: Iced coffee from McDonalds tastes like crap. Do not buy again. #Fail!