I’m not that old. Really. But I never “graduated” from Kindergarten. The next year we went to Grade One. That’s what happens when you finish a grade, you move up. In Grade Eight, ok you graduate because you’re going to another school. That is a milestone in my view. You graduate from High School because at that point you can chose to go further in schooling (college, university, trade school) or you can go get a job. That’s a milestone.

But moving from Kindergarten to Grade One is not a major milestone. Certainly not something worth having a ceremony about. I read online one place that was making parents pay $40 for a gown and giving rolled up diplomas.


Kindergarten isn’t much different from Grade One. You do a bit more work, and there is less “playtime” in it, but its not that different. Going from Elementary School to Secondary School is a big moment. How you are taught, choices in what you want to study, the introduction of more freedoms/responsibilities.

Celebrating Kindergarten “graduation” to me, lessens the real events that are worth celebrating.