First time in recent memory that the Canadian Parliament was struck with a filibuster. 58 hours straight to get the Postie’s Back to Work Legislation through the House of Commons. Bravo NDP for pissing off the rest of us who rely on the mail for things like money.

I may be just some bitter 30-something but the postal service should be an essential service like fire and police. Why? Its a form of communication. No different if the interwebs were on strike. I’d like to see a charter challenge filed against both parties on the grounds that they both limited my ability to communicate.

Sadly the damage is done and now business has moved to other shipping methods. Canada Post will not recover from this.

Good fences make good neighbours, but sometimes removing a fence post goes far too.

Short work week. School ends soon too. Taking bets on when we’ll see the back-to-school commercials. I am guessing July 6th!