We’re at the halfway mark of the Ontario Provincial Election. What a crap shoot. Lots of signs in my part of the riding. Mark Macdonald, Elaine Macdonald and Jim McDonell. No Green Party guy, I guess campaigning takes away time from his studies (I love parachute candidates). I don’t think the Libertarian guy has any money for signs. Everywhere I turn, when I should be seeing the colours of fall, I see Red, Blue and Orange signs. ENOUGH!

I wouldn’t have a problem if we also saw the candidates. I know the saying goes in Dundas County that you could paint a post blue and people would vote for it, but come on. No one is here. Candidates aren’t knocking on the doors. No debates in this area either. This half of Dundas County that I live in is just shy of 11,000 people. Considering that there are about 75,000 electors in the riding, we make up about 11% of the electorate. That’s not a small number to ignore. 11% can mean the difference between winning and being in third.

Have you noticed that the PC Candidate is ALWAYS being minded by someone else? Steve Clark from Leeds-Grenville is usually there, some times Lisa MacLeod as well. Good to know that McDonell is part of a team, but we need to see him more.

I wonder if provincial Liberals in this riding are cursing their electoral rules now. Their candidate won the nomination over the better qualified candidates because he sold more memberships. About a 4 to 1 ratio. I know there are members of that executive who are not even putting Liberal signs on their lawns. For a Liberal to not even put a sign out on the lawn, it must be pretty grim.

The Green Party parachuted a candidate in from Ottawa. I wonder if part of the election kit included a GPS.

The NDP candidate is a big union loving, social justice loving, peacenik type of candidate cut of the same cloth as Alexa Mcdonough. You know, the champagne socialists. I don’t begrude the candidates “single-minded focus” but even I as a sort-of-right-of-center white guy know that if a food bank challenges the candidates to live off of a basket from them for five days and your CONSERVATIVE challenger accepts and you don’t, then you really have some issues.

So who’s going to win on October 6? No one. There will be a minority government at Queens Park which means that the McFibbers and the Champagne Socialists will come to a deal blocking Who-Dat. In the riding, it will likely be the PC guy because the Fiberal candidate is not known in the rural part of the riding.

That means a double loss for us here in Dundas County. We lose because we get McFibber and we lose again because we will have a PC MPP where there is a Liberal-NDP coalition gov’t, so the riding will get the shaft for not siding with the winning team.

We all lose. Ain’t politics nice?