What is the difference? I was lectured today by fellow parent because I did not send my children to school with “zero-waste” lunches. “You know, you should really teach your kids about global warming.” I was told.

And there in lies a big peeve of mine.

Indoctrination. School is NOT for indoctrination. School is for teaching. I hold that foolish notion that schools are to teach kids HOW to learn. Not just how to read, write, do math problems and be little artists, but how to learn. How to learn, how to find information, where to look for information, how to learn to look for the ways of finding information… ok… you get the point. The other part of how to learn, is how to learn to think for yourself. That I feel is getting lost in some of this politically correct BS out there.

The “zero-waste” lunch and Global Warming…

Pack your kids lunches in re-usable containers. Send the kids to school with metal utensils to bring home to wash each night.

Wrong. If the readers of this blog have kids like mine, the kids lose things! A Tupperware container costs $2. A Ziplock bag costs $0.025. Guess what, Zip locks wins. A metal spoon costs $1-2 at the dollar store. A box of 96 plastic spoons from NoFrills costs $2.

The parent made the polite argument to me that we all have to do our part to save the environment. As local radio host and all-around swell guy John Bolton has posted on his blog several times, Global Warming = Glo-BULL Warming.

And that is the other issue… Global Warming, or Global Cooling as the scare tactic back in the ’70’s was, are more of a political idology. It’s not thinking for yourself and as it’s been in the media for the last 10 odd years, it’s not all based on science. Its political. It’s a way of one group of people getting/scaring another group of people into changing to the first groups ways. How much do you want to bet that Glo-bull warming people are making a mint off of green energy and saving the earth?

Global Warming is indoctrination and it does not need to be in our schools. It should not be taught in schools. I am seriously thinking of pulling my kids out of school on Earth Day as I know there will be some feel-good BS about saving the planet.