Some punditry on the left are upset about media reports that NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is not ruling out propping up a PC Tim Hudak minority should he get one.

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The problem is, the pundit, and others shouldn’t be surprised by this tactic:

Ontario General Election, 1985 –

“The election held May 2, 1985 ended in a stalemate. The PCs emerged with a much reduced caucus of 52 seats, but still held the most seats in the legislature. The Liberals won 48 seats, but won slightly more of the popular vote. The NDP thus held the balance of power with 25 seats. As the party with the most seats the PCs remained as the government. This would not last long, however.”

“The NDP was also disappointed by the election result. It had been nearly tied with the Liberals for popular support for several years, and had hoped to surpass them. Rae and the NDP had little interest in supporting a continuation of PC rule, and reached an agreement with the Liberals, known as “The Accord”. Rae and Peterson signed a deal that would see a number of NDP priorities put into law in exchange for an NDP motion of non-confidence in Miller’s government, and the NDP’s support of the Liberals. The NDP agreed to support a Liberal minority government for two years, and the Liberals agreed to not call an election during that same time.”

So it’s ok for a coalition or a third ranked party to prop up another party IF the party propped up is Liberal, but not if its PC. Interesting.