Quick thoughts as I listened to the debate:

Dalton McGuinty says HST helped businesses be competitive globally. Didn’t realize that consumers outside of Canada paid HST.

McGuinty and Andrea Horwath say GO Train and increased transit will help get cars off the road. Both forget that in rural Ontario, we don’t HAVE transit systems. In fact in my town, they rip out sidewalks.

Tim Hudak wants rid of smart meters but the average of the three rates for non-time of use method is still higher than rates paid now.

McGuinty had no answer for E-Health Scandal. Hudak and Horwath also didn’t hammer him on it.

Horwath looks cozier towards McGuinty than Hudak.

Horwath asked McGuinty about Buy In Ontario policy, no reply by McGuinty.

Hudak seems to harp about post-secondary students wanting to become a middle class person. Glad to see he aims for the middle. I thought conservatism strives for unshackling people to aspire and achieve the highest heights; not to aim for mediocrity.

McGuinty wants to drop tuition by 30%. He has had eight years to do that and hasn’t.

Horwath wants affordable tuition, but freezing the levels doesn’t help anyone.

McGuinty hammered Hudak basically as a Xenophobe saying Hudak is against foreign students, foreign companies and foreign workers. Hudak’s point on merit is good.

Horwath was best at keeping the discussion on the question asked.

She also made good points about Hospital CEO’s getting raises while nurses get cut.

McGuinty didn’t think that Horwath’s comments about wait times and quality of care was fair. As someone who’s sat in an emergency ward with a child needing stitches and seeing how “well” the hospital’s triage worked, I say the assessment is VERY fair.

McGuinty said he built hospitals, he forgets that he didn’t fund staff increase to run the hospitals after opening.

Memo to McGuinty: Mike Harris hasn’t been leader of the PC’s for nine and a half year.

Horwath seems more consice when it comes to commitment to public health care system.

McGuinty talks with his hands WAY TOO MUCH!

Hudak could have hammered on Carbon Tax possibility and E-Health way more.

All three leaders stayed on message throughout. I am sure all of their handlers will be proud. Too bad nothing stood out as being good for Ontario.


Grades on Debate Performance:

McGuinty: D

Horwath: D+

Hudak: D

Paiken: A <– A good moderator.