Busy week so I will not be posting here much this week. As such, here’s my take on the Ontario Election this coming Thursday, and I hope in some cases to be proven wrong.

Dalton McGuinty will win a minority government winning 49 Seats.

Andrea Horwath will win 21 seats and enter into an informal “coalition” agreement with McGuinty similar to that of the Peterson-Rae Accord of 1985.

Tim Hudak will hold on as PC Leader, but within six months the Red-Tory and Libertarian wings of the party will spar with a fragmentation of the PC Party.

In Eastern Ontario there will be no big upsets. Jim McDonell will place first in Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry, NDP Second, Liberal distant third. PC’s will retain all of their current seats; In Ottawa there will be no seat changes.

Dalton McGuinty will lose some support in Northern and Western Ontario with the Libs and PC’s splitting votes for the NDP to come up.

Dalton McGuinty will remain leader of the Liberals and we will be back to an election in two years.