It’s quiet here…

Silence has fallen around me. Nope, not from everyone being asleep, but from my Blackberry being silent. No email. No klaxons of noise going off alerting me of the newest BBM alert from my wife telling me to go to the store. Silence.

Reminds me of when I quit my job in 2001 and decided to throw my Motorola Brick cellphone into the St. Lawrence River. Nice and quiet.

While Blackberries have been silent, the maligned masses of Blackberry subscribers are going through the electronic equivalent of the DT’s. Twitter has been a fire as Blackberry owners vent on those larger, more powerful things called Computers. The comments are some of the best comedy I’ve seen this week, such as:

  • Dear Blackberry, do you know what the #iPhone said to the #Blackberry? …” iWork”
  • Dear Blackberry, Thanks for honoring Steve Jobs’ death with silence for 3 continuous days. Sincerely, #Apple & #iPhone
  • Dear Blackberry, who knew the #occupywallStreet protests were more useful than you.
  • Dear Blackberry, iQuit!

I even got into the Twitter Action with this quip:

  • I know you’re busy fixing Air Canada @lraitt, but do you think you could order #Blackberry back to work too. #rimfail*

*Backstory: For those who don’t know, @lraitt is the Twitter account for Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour for Canada who is currently keeping Air Canada in the air with back-to-work legislation before they even go out on strike.

Even CNN got into it with their usually messed up screen graphics, as seen here:

Outage now impacting users on almost every PLANET? Come on CNN really? That’s the kind of screw-up one would expect out of a community-access cable station in Aurora, Illinois.

What does this mean for Research In Motion? I believe they are about to become a small speed bump on the information super highway. I only hope that as they go the way of Nortel, that someone steps in to ensure that all of the talent and patents developed in Canada will remain in Canada unlike the debacle of Nortel’s breakup.