Some random stuff today, nothing where one topic can make up an entire posting on it’s own.


Posted today on a fellow blogger’s website was posted that schools are taking the fun out of Halloween by banning costumes in school. My children all go to a Catholic School here in Ontario and they have Halloween pared down being a “Black and Orange” day so that they don’t have costumes to deal with. I agree with this stand. Personally I think out of all of the holidays, Halloween is the dumbest one there is. It is expensive (20-30 per costume), and for what, $20 worth of cheap candy? I still think that modern Halloween was set up by dentists to help boost business. The costumes that go to school are expensive and bulky. Parents who buy them typically have no common sense when it comes to what should be sent to school; and I’ve seen it happen when little Johnny’s dragon costume gets damaged at school and the parents think the school should pay. Administrative nightmare and the costumes really do distract from the classroom. There are so few educational days in school anymore with PA Days, Holidays and March Break, do we really need to waste another day on this?


There has been mounting criticism by the lefties in the US about the Keystorm XL pipeline that is proposed to take crude oil from the Alberta oilsands and pumping to the US to be refined into Gasoline. I guess these people would rather buy oil from countries that support Jihad, oppressing women, child slavery and terrorism instead of from Canada where we have equal rights, laws, environmental programs and we’re all around nice people.

Bill O’Reilly, Fox TV Host, was on Charles Adler’s show on Sun News Network last night and called them pin-heads. It was a good watch and O’Reilly nails it.

Recommended reading is Ezra Levant’s book “Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands“. It lays out the case for the oilsands and about the environmental left’s ill-thought opposition.


Libya: Gadhafi is dead. Shot in the head. A fitting end to the tyrant. I don’t agree that he should have gotten a trial, those he slayed in his reign of terror didn’t have that luxury. His images shouldn’t be paraded on TV either. The country will still descend into a cesspool, but at least there is a chance for it to improve with Gadhafi dead.

CBC vs Sun News: Sun News Network keeps hammering on CBC, and the CBC is starting to fight back. CTV and Shaw/Global are sitting there watching the other two beat the crap out of each other. In the end, all of them are wrong. Our tax dollars shouldn’t be funding the CBC, nor should any of the media companies be paying into development funds that help each other compete against each other. There should be no subsidies, no funding, nadda. Let all four networks compete on the open and free market and let Canadian viewers decide.

I also think that the CBC should be split into separate radio and TV groups and go with a PBS/NPR-model of user support. I listen much more to NPR via North Country Public Radio or Vermont Public Radio than I do CBC Radio. As such I also support them. I don’t support CBC Radio.

Bullying in schools: I was bullied in school(surprise) and when I fought back, they stopped. Violence isn’t the answer always, but kids need to learn how to defend themselves and stand up for themselves. When I was a kid I remember getting into a fight with another Grade Five student. He pushed me, I pushed back, he punched, I punched. Couple of minutes later, we were sitting in the chairs outside of Mr. Garrah’s office being told to “mind your ‘p’s and ‘q’s”. Until I hit high school, there wasn’t much more bullying. New School at high school and it started again, first I hid, then I punched one of my tormentors. It ended. This week there has been a lot of talk about what the schools can do more of. First they can actually follow the anti-bullying rules already in place. A lot of schools don’t do that. I don’t know if they are afraid to upset parents by enforcing the rules, but they need to. Second kids need to be taught to stand up for themselves. Mine have been taught that way and for the most part they do. When mine have gotten in trouble for standing up for themselves, and I’ve gotten the call from the school, my first questions are “What was the cause” and “Has the instigator been dealt with”. Third, you don’t need these stupid campaigns where MP’s talk about how it will get better, or wearing a coloured shirt to stop bullying. What you need is instill fear into the bullies. If a bully is 12 or over, make them understand that as a 12 year old they are subject to the Youth Justice Act, and can be charged with assault. Have a police officer introduce them to a pair of shiny bracelets and let them see how they feel. Kids aged 12-18 are in transition between the safe world of toys and movies and play, to the real world which isn’t all that nice. It may sound harsh but they have to learn that there are rules and for the most part, they need to be followed. Fourth is to support students in schools and at home. There needs to be easy access to teachers and supports at school so if a child is having issues, they can be addressed. As someone who’s oldest is 12, I can say that supports are better now than when my oldest was in kindergarten, but they can be better. The schools do need to communicate to parents when there are issues, and that is the other half of the support. Parents need to take more of an interest in their kids lives and make sure things are ok. When things aren’t ok, the parents need to do more to help their kids. Period.

Bohemian Rhapsody

WOW. This landed in my inbox today. I now honestly don’t know which version is better: original by Queen, The Muppets or now… William Shatner.

William Shatner Version

The Muppets Version

The Originial