Growth: The Federal Government plans on increasing the number of MP’s in the House of Commons by 30 seats. 15 seats for Ontario, 6 for Alberta, 6 for British Columbia and 3 for Quebec. Ontario and BC get short changed again and Quebec gets 3 seats it doesn’t really deserve. This will further entrench Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada in government as most of the new seats in Ontario and BC are in areas where they received more seats than the Liberals or NDP. Alberta, well… That’s a gimmie. As for Quebec, I am sure the Liberals will like the chances of losing three more seats.

The big question with all of these new seats is, will we be better served by having more MP’s? Will these additions in 2015 further add to dialogue and discussion on the Hill? An MP makes $157,731 per year; times 30 MP’s is 4.73 Million per year. Is it still worth it? Time will tell.

Split: Before the end of the provincial election, I stated that if Tim Hudak didn’t win the Premier’s Office, the moderate and libertarian factions in the Ontario Progressive Conservative party would rip the party in two. I also predicted that it would likely come from an MPP such as Randy Hillier. Wrong, Frank Klees gets the prize! By throwing his name into the election of Speaker, he managed to extend a very public middle finger to Tim Hudak’s leadership. Klees placed second in the 2009 leadership campaign and I suspect he’s not happy about being second. Regardless if Klees gets the Speakers Chair (which I doubt) the split has begun. All that’s left now is to see which MPP’s go to which side.