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This occupy “movement” has become less productive than a bowel movement. Time to occupy your time with a JOB.

Effing Pat Martin

Pat Martin is proving with his recent bout of twitterhea why the NDP are a one-trick-pony this last federal election. Get some class man. I can remember, and I am not all THAT old, a time when one carefully crafted insults to be hurled in parliament. It was a fine art form that was enjoyed.

Like This:

Now we get Pat Martin alluding to beavers ripping their genitals off and dropping the eff-bomb.

One Conservatism or many?

Watched this last night on “The Agenda” with Steve Paiken on TVO. Excellent debate about what it means to be conservative and how does it move forward. Highly Recommend.

One Conservatism or many – TVO