This kind of stuff really ticks me off. Robert Redford and a bunch of other millionaire Hollywood elites are out campaigning right now to end the Alberta Oil Sands. They cite the ecological damage, aboriginal issues and just the flat-out evilness of oil in general. [Link to the Globe and Mail story] – Oil is bad, a “scourge” to put it mildly. Robert Redford is either misinformed as to the differences between oil from Alberta and oil from a country like… oh I don’t know… Venezuela, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia or Angola. That or Redford is ignorant.

Fact: Canada has human rights, a democratically elected government, 1000’s actually when you count Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal government. Equal rights for women, freedom (that thing that Americans like to wear on their sleeves), the rule of law and so on. All great things that the Americans have in common with Canadians, but because we are the number one import of oil for the US, oooo we’re bad.

Redford and these other liberal elites rail about Canadian “dirty oil” but have you seen them protest human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, or the ethnic genocide that has plagued Nigeria since the 1960’s? Nope. Instead he’s lined his own liberal pockets.

Not only has he stared in over 42 films, directed or produced over 10, and started a film festival. He’s taken money that he earned and invested in to Provo Utah to create a ski resort, a film festival and other tourism haunts. How American, using his money to fund his prosperity, also known as Capitalism. You can purchase a 3 bedroom mountain view home at his ski resort for $600k. I don’t see environmentalists protesting his cutting down trees to put those puppies up.

But I am not upset about his success, good for him. He’s worked hard, invested in his community and created wealth. The “American Dream” so to speak. Where I get upset is how he feels he has the right to come to Canada, fly over an area for a few hours, and then say “yup, this is bad, a scourge” without looking at the facts around it. And not just the facts about the oil sands, but the facts about some of the real scourge oil producing countries out there like Angola, Saudi Arabia and others. I would thing someone who’s as passionate about the environment as he claims, would be protesting bigger causes than Alberta’s Oil Sands.

Perhaps someone should send him a copy of Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands.