Some thoughts on the news of the day:

  • Top Blagojevich advisor sentenced. Tony Rezko (man who sold Obama property in Chicago way under value) was sentenced by Judge Amy St. Eve (judge who presided over Conrad Black’s Trial) to 10 1/2 years in prison. Blagojevich was the Illinois Governor who tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat after the 2008 Presidential Election. Meanwhile Rahm Emanual who worked for Bill Clinton and then later Obama became mayor of Chicago replacing Richard Daley. Daley’s brother William became Obama’s new chief of staff replacing Emanual. All of these people are intertwined and leads me to wonder how many skeletons there are in that closet in Chicago?
  • Had coffee with a friend last week and we were talking about the decline of the Liberal Party in Canada and in some parts of Ontario. This relates to the community organizer turned president down south. The comment was made by this friend that had Gerard Kennedy, a “community organizer” had only run two years later, when a “community organizer” had won the White House, we may not have seen the implosion of the Liberal Party as we have under Dion and Ignatieff’s leadership. Quite possibly, I liked him as a Liberal candidate, partly because he challenged McGuinty for the leadership of the OLP back in 1996.
  • Speaking of Daddy Dalton, don’t let him know that it’s been recommended that 2 year olds go to school, he’s still trying to pay for his last social engineering project, all day kindergarten.
  • Tim Hudak has to go. It’s sad that political leaders only get one kick at the can before being thrown in it. Hudak’s time has come and gone. Too much baggage. It shocks me that his wife isn’t more involved with crafting his image and keeping him on point considering how integral Deb Hutton was to Mike Harris’ campaign successes in ’95 and ’99.
  • Are people surprised that Quebec NDP MP’s need help singing the words to ‘O Canada’? Sure it’s not the BQ’s separate Canada anthem, so they need the help.