Just Deux It…

More people today jumping on the Interwebs saying that McGuinty should run for Federal Liberal Leader. Like here and here. In no way am I saying that McGuinty should run… I certainly am not endorsing him to run, although it is a means to an end.

If McGuinty left for federal politics, he wouldn’t be able to continue to run Ontario into the ground.

And there is nothing saying that as leader of the Federal Liberals, he would win. Eight plus years of McGuinty would likely leave the Federal Liberals in the same quandry as they are now, a part of big cities. Rural Ontario didn’t vote for McGuinty this fall, and Rural Ontario will have more seats in the 2015 Election. Add to that a small profile outside of Ontario, anti HST hatred in BC, an anti taxation mantra in Alberta, and you have a tough row to hoe for any new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. McGuinty as leader could very well mean electoral defeat for him.

This tweet today didn’t help matters for the Pro-McGuinty bus:




Oh goodie. I am glad he’s focused on the Ontario Economy. Leads me to wonder what the !@#$ he’s been focused on the last eight years…

Now for more pleasant stuffola:

  • Holy Radio Stations Batman! Mississauga is getting it’s own AM station for News Talk. 940 and 690 will be back in Montreal and 990 there.. well.. ok. Heck even Prescott got an FM station. Nice to see something new for a change.
  • I was in a Zellers the other day, they are slowly starting to look more and more like Targets… But not the super cool modern Targets you see in the power centers in the US. No, they look more like the 30 year old run-down, clapped-out Targets. Hopefully when Zellers finally gets axed, the new American retail overlords teach the Zellers employees about customer service. And since when did Zellers charge for bags? Walmart doesn’t.
  • As I write this there are a lot of huddled masses waiting outside of a Walmart all around America counting down the minutes until they can buy their cheap, made-in-China crap for 10% less than they normally can. And they are going to pay with it using plastic cards they can’t afford to pay off. Sounds like Greece except the retirement age is much higher, health care isn’t paid for and the food isn’t as good.
  • There is a big debate every year about saying Merry Christmas. Every year there are more and more stories about people changing from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays”. Last year I asked a Walmart clerk why she said “Happy Holidays” when I said to her “Merry Christmas”. She said if she was caught saying that “C” word, she feared losing her job. Me. I don’t care for Happy Holidays. To Jewish friends I say “Chag Urim Sameach!” And to Muslim Friends I say “Eid Mubarak”. December 25 is Christmas and so I think “Merry Christmas” should be used. If people fear to express their culture and beliefs so as to not offend others, then there isn’t much worth to your beliefs, is there?