I pose this question finding myself in a bit of flux. Several people I associate with are now making the move from this region (Eastern Ontario) to go west or south due to their or a spouses careers. Try looking for a job in Ottawa or Eastern Ontario that doesn’t require french. Did you find one that paid more than minimum wage or that was not sponsored by the Federal Government? It is really hard to do.

One friend who is moving to Alberta, his wife had a great job, but then the company closed and the only place should get hired in a similar role, was west of Ontario.

Another friend has worked in the area for 20 years and now finds himself in his early 50’s, downsized, with all the right skills except he doesn’t speak french. The position he applied to is dealing with english only PR, but because the position is with a firm that works for the Federal Government, they mandate he have french. Even the recruiter said that if that requirement wasn’t there, he’d have been hired.

I understand the past needs for bilingualism in this country, and I understand Trudeau’s original intent on bilingualism when it was introduced. However it has become corrupted. It is causing a real brain drain in this part of the country. When language is the first thing people base their hiring on, you lose a lot of talent. That talent is going west, or south, or overseas. As we’ve seen from famous brain-drains in this country, once they go, they don’t come back.

All official bilingualism is going is reenforcing the east-west mentality, with Ontario being caught in a bad valley in the middle. That does not bode well for anyone.