Cartoon from the National Post – December 6, 2011

Canada has stated it will leave Kyoto. About time. No climate change agreement can be enacted and be fair unless all players agree to follow the same rules. So long as countries like China and India are allowed to spew out the emissions without restriction, why should we hamstring ourselves to comply with the agreement?

That’s not to say we should not be as energy efficient as possible, nor should we be environmental pigs. But we should not define our successes based on the expectations of an agreement that only some of the signatories actually follow.

There are two economic threats to Western Civilization and both of them relate to wealth transfer.

First is all of the foriegn oil being imported into the US, Canada (ya, we do import too) and Europe. This vast transfer of wealth from West to “countries” in the Middle East is very quickly bankrupting the west and leaving us indebted to tin-pot dictators. Those dictators are using that money to fund family empires/quasi-countries where human rights are not even heard of and where terrorism is exported to the west.

Second is a form of eco-terrorism, like Kyoto. Enable a bunch of western countries to feel good by letting them pay vast amounts of money for carbon credits and other nonsense programs, but don’t put caps on the “developing world” because you might stunt their growth. So the west spends and spends and countries like China(communist) can receive our money and not have to abide by the same rules.

The sooner we’re out of Kyoto, the better. Canadians for the most part are caring about the environment, and we have top notch laws already. The problem isn’t the 2% of the greenhouse gasses we put out, it’s the 40% from China!