Lefties of the world unite! Some bonehead lefties have convinced the boneheads that run Chiquita, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based fruit company, to require their shipping trucks and suppliers to not get fuel that comes from the Alberta Oilsands.

Pot, meet kettle.

Chiquita, formerly known as the United Fruit Company, is known for being a good corporate citizen. Always ready to fund a Columbian paramilitary group, or exposing workers in Costa Rica to high levels of pesticide, they are exactly the company to show leadership against those mean old Alberta Oil Sands. Chiquita would rather purchase oil from producers that support the suppression of women’s rights (Saudi Arabia) or leftist-dictators who are bat-shiat-crazy (Venezuela) than support producers from Canada. Canada, other than some messes with natives in the north who don’t know how to manage their money, being a free and democratic country with equal rights and protections for everyone. Good job.

Boycott the Banana

The group, Ethical Oil, based in Alberta is going to be running a series of ads drawing attention to the issue with Chiquita starting next week.

For my family, I don’t like Chiquita. Their bananas are not very good and they spoil easily. I prefer Dole, now I just have one more reason to buy them.