Unlike my connected contemporaries, I took a semi-break from technology over this past Christmas break. I did tweet a bit, mostly while playing with my new Kobo Vox e-reader tablet, but mostly I spent time with my kids, did some work around the house, repaired stuff and the like.

That said I’d sit down most nights looking at the laptop and think about writing something, but then I ended up watching a movie with my wife or reading a book. It’s nice to disconnect from time to time.

That being said, the rest of this week is the slow startup of some new adventures, and with the kids being home from school for week two of their break, some activities with them.


Very cliche I think to do them, everyone does them and most break them after XYZ number of weeks and admonish themselves. Last year I resolved to stop buying coffee from Tim Hortons, which I was sort of successful at. We went from spending $35-40/week at TH to about $10/week. Buying a coffee maker and finding a good coffee that I like to drink helped. Towards the end of the year, the more we were out the more we’d be spending on that dreaded drive-thru. What I discovered was, I need a good travel mug. I also resolved to write more and well, as the 20 or so regular viewers of this site can attest to, I have done so. There is more writings I have done which is not published yet, but I have done them.

So this year I resolve to do two things:

  1. Buy a good travel mug so I stop buying Tim Horton’s swill called coffee
  2. Write more.

Easy to do, I think.

What I’m reading:

Thanks to my wife’s purchases of the years I own many books on by Lowell Green. This year at Christmas I was presented with his latest, “Here’s Proof Only We Conservatives Have Our Heads Screwed On Straight”.  She even had it signed for me.

This book is in similar fashion to his last book, “Mayday! Mayday!   Curb Immigration. Stop Multiculturalism. Or it’s the end of the Canada we Know!” with his opinion mixed in with some well placed facts and statistics, combined with some snippets from calls to his show on CFRA and his former national talk radio show.

Read the book. Even you few lefties who read this blog, read the book. It is not so much of an eye-opener for me, but a reaffirmation about some of the wrongs of the left.

More later…