If I were Stephen Harper, or a member of the Conservative Party, I would be salivating over the twin prospects that Bob Rae may become permanent leader of the Liberal Party and that non-members may be able to vote for a Liberal Leader. Bob Rae, the socialist who ran Ontario into the ground from 1990 to 1995, became leader of the Liberals on the condition he wouldn’t seek the job in a Leadership Contest. Obviously someone was thinking when they said they didn’t want him as the leader long term.

One of the key ideas that have come out of the Liberal Convention this weekend was the idea of having people who aren’t members of the Liberal Party vote for the leader of the Liberal Party. No Membership Required. Great Idea. Just as you see with the primaries in the United States, you can have members of the opposition affect your party. I can see an organized “Operation Chaos” in the works for this if it passes.

If Liberals were smart, they would vote down this idea in a heart beat. Imagine if you have a field with a few strong candidates and one weak one. With an organized infiltration by non-members, instead of the Liberals electing a leader like Justin Trudeau or Dominic Leblanc, the party could get… Bob Rae.

Sounds like a good thing to ensure a further fragmented left, a weakened opposition and a long rule of the Conservatives over the land.