Wikipedia has gone dark for 24 hours to protest the PIPA-SOPA-PITA bills in the US Congress. Whatever will we do without Wikipedia? Crack a book open?

In support of this 24 hours blackout, websites from all over the US that don’t make much money are shutting down. Why? No commercial business would actually jeopardize their revenue if they make money. Meanwhile those who do shut down can attract attention to themselves and maybe… make money.

For those not stupid enough to shut their whole site down, they are putting ribbons, Twibbons or other crap on their site to “protest”. This is no different then those “eco-nuts” who drive GMC Yukons around with Sierra Club bumper stickers on the back and complain that we are all polluting the environment(except them).

I think the biggest news out of all of this is Michael Moore shutting down his site for 24-hours.

I would humbly suggest that MMFlint need to do this longer, say 40 years.

The Internet just got a little more relevent.