Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan even Turkey, are all artificial countries based on borders drawn by the victors of World War One. Nearly 100 years later, and nearly 100 years of violence, civil wars and such, we know that these boundaries are pointless as they do not take into account the ethnic/religous groups in the Middle East. Thus we have conflict as groups which do not get along or have their own agendas are forced to cohabit in a country. So how do we fix it?

1) Refuse to recognize these artificial countries any further. Boot out their embassy detail, boot out their representative at the United Nations. Get out and stay out.

2) Recognize each of the major ethnic/religious groups as nations. So the Kurds will have “Kurdistan” and the Alawites have their country and so on and so on.

3) Step back and keep noses out of these people’s affairs. Let the borders get redrawn and stay out of it.

4) This suggestion came from a friend on Facebook and it makes a lot of sense. If you were going to bomb the crap out of Assad and Syria, that costs a lot of money. Millions, possibly Billions. Take the money you would spend on Tomahawk missiles and bring over to the US all Syrian (and other middle eastern) refugee’s which want to go. Give each family a house in Detroit, $100,000 and a car from one of the big three manufactures. Only conditions are that they have to pay their taxes, and follow the country’s laws. The houses in Detroit are cheap, an influx of immigrants with some money would mean purchasing would go up, and think of all of the new businesses.

Sounds like a good idea to me… But pressing the launch button on a bunch of Tomahawk missiles also sounds a lot like fun…