We don’t need no (sex) education

MORRISBURG − With apologies to Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall”, we don’t need Kathleen Wynne’s changes in Ontario to how sex education is taught.

While the Ontario Liberals plan has yet to be released, if it is anything remotely close to what was in the 2010 plan that was shelved during the time Wynne was Education Minister, then it will be the most progressive and intrusive foray by the state into the realm of parenting.

Sex education, like religious education, is part of a parent’s job of raising their children. It is up to the parent to decide how much information, what kind of information, is given, and when it is to be given. Every child is different, maturity and development vary. By introducing sex education at a younger age, and more detailed information at that, it will expose them to ideas and concept they likely will not be ready for. All that will do is create more issues. Like most things, a one-size-fits-all style of education does not work here.

This columnist is not against sex education in the schools, only let it be limited to the study of biology, the actual educational stuff. Once the kids reach Grade 7, start with education such as safe sex, but it needs to be tempered with encouragement to talk to their parents.

Education in Ontario needs to focus on Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History and Geography. More time spent on the things that will help our children grow in the real world. Let the teachers focus on those issues, not indoctrinating kids too young and immature to understand or process progressive leftist sexual identity issues.

The state needs to know its boundaries. There is a difference between teaching and parenting. It’s time the Kathleen Wynne government learn and accept that difference.

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