Reconnect residents to the River

The St. Lawrence Parks Commission maintains control of a vast amount of river front land in South Dundas, and has done so for nearly 60 years. The parks commission’s commitment to the stewardship and protection of the land, the shore line and the river is to be commended.

The construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway project severed the community’s direct connection with the river as they were relocated out of the floodplain. The new shoreline for the most part, was and has been under government control ever since. After the project’s completion, much of the shoreline was accessible for the public to enjoy. Even 10 years ago, there was more accessible, than there is currently.

Budget cutbacks over the years have caused more and more of the land controlled by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission to be roped off, to be seen from a distance but not enjoyed. That needs to change. It does not cost any more or less money to take the barriers down east of Crysler Marina and allow people to park on the grass and enjoy the shoreline. Crysler Beach sits unused or underused most days. Take the barriers down, and let the residents enjoy the shoreline.

Year after year, the St. Lawrence Parks Commission asks for community support to their various events and attractions, and South Dundas answers that call. It would be well received if the Parks Commission would remove the barriers, and let the community back in. The shoreline in South Dundas is a valuable asset, and should be accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Guest Editorial published in the Wednesday, April 1st edition of The Morrisburg Leader.