This is one of the few photos I have from my time in high school. I hated the high school I went to so mysteriously (not!) many photos went in the trash post-grad. Taken in May 1994 from the Empire State Building, looking south. I was one of a few that went on a art/photography trip to New York City that year. Certainly not one of my best photos, but my fear of heights was likely kicking in at this elevation. That is why along with the NYC skyline, there is a stunning view of the railings and grills to protect everyone from falling over.

Sixteen years ago, the World Trade Center fell in a horrible, despicable attack. At least 24 Canadians were among the 2,996 people killed in the attack. Traveling in the US now, and seeing the amount of security to enter buildings, it shows the terrorists won. They changed the land of the free.