Friday Wrap #8 – The “oh no I forgot so I am writing Saturday morning” edition.

Yup, you read that correctly. I forgot last night to write up this wrap. I hyperfocused on a project in the basement and forgot about this. Time to put a reminder in my phone.

That’s a common theme with me — needing reminders on my phone. I don’t want to be glued to my phone, but if it wasn’t for my calendar, I’d be lost.

I’ve tried paper calenders and day books, but none of those are attached to a clock or beep at me when it’s time to do things.

I need that auditory alert to get my attention, even if it is annoying sometimes. I have different sounds for different things. Calendar alerts are one sound, personal email another, text message another, and work email still another. I know which is which and I rarely miss or am late for a thing, if it’s in my calendar.

This weekly post now is.

I am sick of snow. The white fluffy stuff vomited again from the sky this morning. Well it’s annoying to have to shovel, what’s more annoying is we live in Canada and no one knows when to plow a road. Lately it feels like the roads get plowed along after the snow stops flying, like we’re supposed to be able to pause our lives and not go to work because a few flakes hit the ground.

Our kids are up to 8 snow days since the start of the year. There has only been one week since Christmas break that there has not been a snowday. Talk about consistency for schooling?

It seems like it has gotten worse since the pandemic started. Some got used to shut downs and lock downs and not needing to go places, forgetting that people still need to go places.

And about 4 months will be complaining about how hot it is, but for now I’m complaining about the snow.

So much for an early spring Wiarton Willie.

My indoor job list got longer. I expect at least Saturday I will be on a step ladder for most of the day painting away and fixing little touch ups. I am trying to knock off like jobs with like. I have all the tools out for filling nail holes, let’s fill them all. This leads to what looks like procrastination, but really it’s efficency.

What I’m reading…

Dan Gardner has a great piece about uncertainty.

Uncomfortable With Uncertainty – Three stories got a lot of attention this week. There was Scott Adams’s racist, career-torching rant. The Department of Energy’s intelligence unit siding with the Covid lab-leak hypothesis. And a sad story in the Washington Post about a seemingly trivial altercation between a teacher and a girl wearing a hijab that spiralled into a debacle that has deva…

And Rebecca Holden has a great post about Journaling… I wish I was this organized.

Dear Reader, I’m lost – 53. Time to get organised – Dear Reader, I have plans. I never used to plan: historically, any of my plans for anything, such as what I’m having for tea, what I want to do when I grow up or for getting to the station on time, have been random, unreliable, impossible to achieve or sometimes even all three…

And last Kenneth Whyte writes more on ChatGPT and its effects on books…

SHuSH, by Kenneth Whyte  – Chatgpt is coming for books
This is the 185th edition of SHuSH, the official newsletter of The Sutherland House Inc.

Lastly one of my favourite UK photographers talks about photography in Scotland (a goal of mine.)

That’s all for now. Six days until the next one, I have a reminder set now.