Friday Wrap #17 – The soccer edition…

After weeks of preparation, and lots of work the last week, Saturday is the kick off of our summer soccer season. For 15 years I have been a coach, and this is my 10th year as president of the league. Each year, I’ve tried to improve the organization I’m involved with. The old adage that you should leave things in better shape than you found them.

It’s been a week. Lining fields, preparing team uniforms, printing schedules. Plus my normal work week, middle son’s high school soccer regular season finale, and battling car repair issues.

Officially I hate car repairs. Ordered brake parts on Amazon – confirmed it was the right ones for my van… it wasn’t Happy times.

This is a short wrap because my life has been focused on soccer this week. As much as I love watching matches on TV, being on the sidelines is where it’s at for me.

Three things:

Something to watch – one of my favourite football (soccer) managers is Argentinian Marcelo Bielsa. I like attacking pressure football. It’s not kick-the-ball-in-goal football, but high pressure tactics all about building the attack in your opposition’s end.

Here is a drill based on his training last with Leeds United in the Premier League.

Something to read – My favourite football team is West Ham United. A London, UK-based team, which I chose to support as it played in the same area of the city where my mom’s father was from before immigrating to Canada. Here is the brief history of the club –


Something to listen to – My club has a theme song which plays when the team wins, and before games. Listen to the video to find out why –

Last word – After spending a couple of days with my adult son as we prepared the soccer pitches for games, he got mad at me because I turned away an extra helper. “Don’t turn away help.” And he is right. My response was also right. “Don’t get more help than you need at a time, or else you spend more time managing people than doing things.” Both are correct, yet both are wrong. Clearly I haven’t found the balance yet.