Friday Wrap #39 – What a flawed system we have

I spent the better part of the morning Friday travelling to and from our nation’s capital to cover a court case for work. The proceedings took less than five minutes, delay again. As I stood outside in the main lobby area of the courthouse, I couldn’t believe how happy everyone involved, prosecution, defence, and court staff, all seemed okay with delaying something more months down the road.

I don’t have a lot of court reporting experience. Friends in the business specialize in this form of reporting, but when I first got into the journalism field it was one of the four coveted beats: city hall, court, entertainment, sports. City Hall and court reporting was where you built a name for yourself; entertainment reporters wanted the freebies, and sports reporters had the easy work. Not wanting to deal with the bullshit of competing with others, I avoided those.

Covering the case I have been covering for nearly two years, five if you count before it was a legal proceeding, I am amazed how much time is lost in the justice system. Delays because someone is unprepared. Delays because someone is busy. Just when you think everything is ready to conclude, let’s drop a subproceeding claiming something to delay everything more by months.

I recently quipped to my court reporting friend that I didn’t know how he dealt with this all… I think he muttered “Wild Turkey” back. Court reporting for the bulk of my job would send me to the bourbon too.

Not all was lost on my trip – I bought some bagels and lox, went to a cool magazine shop (note, those still exist!!!) and went into a proper book store. Those things are all good for hitting the reset button a few times.

Three things…

  1. Something to watch… I see ghosts. Don’t know what to think of this yet as I am conflicted in many ways. Wow what technology has allowed to be brought back and used. Scary, but interesting. Of course it’s the Beatles.
  2. Something to listen to… From one super group to another… related… supergroup. George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Lynne – The Travelling Wilburys. First album was the best, Roy Orbison made the group. Still awesome.
  3. Something to read… Michael Freeman On… Black and White – the fourth in a series of photography masterclass books by renouned photographer Michael Freeman. This just arrived today so I have barely leafed through it. I don’t know when I first took an interest in Freeman’s photography. His book “The Photographer’s Eye” changed my worldview when it comes to photography. Some day I’d like to take the online masterclass course he offers. Anyways, Black and White photography is my favourite, and I am looking forward to reading this book.

Last word…

“We’re all different and we’re all imperfect, and the imperfections are what makes each of us and our work interesting.” – Rick Rubin