Friday Wrap #43 – Thanks a lot Boris

Thanks Boris Johnson… doofus. Boris Johnson, the former United Kingdom Prime Minister, is a fool. Not as harmful as Donald Trump. I’ve often looked at Johnson’s antics as being a comedic-foil to serious politics. Until today. Boris Johnson cost me personally $64.55.

It’s Christmastime, and my wife and I like to give gifts our near-adult children will enjoy. All three sons (not the TV show) are soccer obsessed to varying degrees. Usually a soccer jersey of a favourite club is part of the mix. These things are not inexpensive. I was trying to save money in buying an authentic jersey for an Italian Serie A club. It was $40 cheaper to buy the jersey from an authorized reseller in the UK than it was to buy from an authorized reseller in the USA. And it was $100 cheaper than buying it straight from the Italian club. No, the jersey was NOT available in Canada.

I opted for the UK store because I save $40. And it cost me $64.55 to do so.

The package arrived today, with $64.55 owing to Canada Post for taxes and duty. Duty? Taxes I understand. Sometimes you win, and an item you order arrives without having to pay the HST. Other times you lose. I have won more often than I have not. So I don’t mind it when I have to pay that. But duty?

Canada has a Free Trade deal with the European Union (Italy) and Canada has a Free Trade deal with the UK which is a copy of the EU deal that was made after Brexit. So why was I charged duty?

I ordered an Italian soccer jersey through a UK store to be shipped to Canada. Free Trade deals work based on the country of origin for the product purchased. Had I bought an English or Scottish league jersey from the UK store, there would be no duty. Had I bought the Italian jersey from an Italian store, there would be no duty. But buying the Italian jersey from the UK store meant I was assessed duty. Thanks Boris. I have paid less still than ordering from Italy, but more than I expected. Thanks Boris.

I know many in England and Wales supported Brexit, and many in Scotland and Northern Ireland did not. Watching the comedy of errors that has been the Johnson/Truss/Sunak Conservative government from across the pond, I wonder how much long term damage has been done to the UK in this Brexit nonsense! Thanks again Boris!

Three things:

  • Something to listen to: Is there anything better at Christmastime than Boris Karloff’s 1966 song (You’re a mean one) Mr. Grinch? No. Link on Youtube (3 minutes)
  • Something to watch: I just finished watching the James Bond movie – Goldeneye. It’s a harmless introduction to 007 for a son. His video games have more shooting in it. My favourite character in the movie is Boris (oh no, this post has a theme). Specifically because he is a doofus is portrayed very well by Alan Cumming, who is a great actor. This link is a compliation of Boris’ catch phrase in the movie. Link on Youtube (44 seconds)
  • Something to read: Read this book about Boris Johnson! (Note, this is an affiliate link on Amazon. Buying this book means I will receive a commission, which I will use to reimburse the CBSA fees I had to pay.) Read about how Johnson screwed up with Brexit, didn’t know how to do anything with Brexit being approved, etc. Doofus.

Final word: Don’t buy non-British stuff from British shops because in the end, it will cost you more money. Thanks Boris!