We live in a time where fake news is abundant and difficult to discern from real news. Where the line between news and opinion can be blurred or not exist at all. The National Public Radio weekly show, On The Media, posted online a guide to discerning breaking news after the Las Vegas shooting rampage. While the points were written from the perspective of “breaking news”, they are apply to all news reported and include: Don’t trust anonymous sources. Don’t trust stories that cite another news outlet as the source of the information. Pay attention to the language the media uses such as “we areRead More →

The communities along the St. Lawrence River from Iroquois to Cornwall were transformed over 60 years ago with the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway project. It was responsible for one of the largest transfers of land from private to government ownership in Canadian history, and severed residents connection with the river. Subsequent decades of management by the St. Lawrence-Parks Commission (SLPC) has led to the area becoming hands-off except for those who are willing to pay, or to no one at all. That needs to change. To read the rest of this editorial, visit the Standard-Freeholder web site.Read More →